Sapa is Empire of Flower, many different kinds of Peach blossom, Plum, Daisies, Roses and especially Immortal with different colors and sizes. Sapa has a lot of cool places where are very attractive such as: Bac waterfall with 200m high, its sound is like you’re in a concert which is celebrated in a forest. “May” bridge is also a famous historical of local people where is worth visiting.

    “Cong Troi” ( The gate of Heaven ) is the highest place that visitors can go on foot and take a look at Phanxipang (the top of Hoang Lien Son Mount). It is 3.143m high. And no one can denie that this is an ideal place for people who like trekking. There have a lot of rare animals as well. Keep discovering Sapa, we can see “Ta Phin” Cave in which people say its width can hold a platoon. Inside of the cave, there has a variety of stalactites with different shapes. They look like beautiful fairies are dancing, rice fields or twinkle forests sometimes, it’s up to the way you visualize them.

    The “Da Co” rocky shore is located in Muong Hoa Valley where has 196 different kinds of stones which were engraved with many signs by the ancients thousands of years ago.The local people say that until now, nobody can decode those signs. Visitors usually visit Ham Rong Mount where has a lot of beautiful flower planted in beds. There also has a beautiful orchid garden.

    Ham Rong is right next to the town where everybody can visit and take a look at the whole picture of Muong Hoa valley and Ta Phin hiding behind the fog every morning Nowadays, people are helping to make Ham Rong become more attractive

    Meet the tolerant Sapa

    Each ethnic minority has their own culture. For instance, “Giay” is a community who has a special festival named “Roong Poc”. Every year, in January ( Lunar New Year ), Giay people celebrates the Roong Poc festival to wish a bumper crop of rice and vegetable, a happy life and good weather as well.

    Sai San festival is also celebrated every year by H’Mong community. Tet Nhay Festival, which is held on the first day of Lunar New Year, is a festival of Dao Do community. This is also a unique feature of Dao Do people which is only happened at the house of the village’s leader.

    Sapa market is one of the most unforgettable characteristics here on every Sunday. People who live far from the market have to start to go in Saturday evening. And when they’ve just come there, both boys and girls always sing their own songs together through the night with flutes, “Khen”and “Dan Moi” ( kind of music instrument played by lips ). People call it Love Market …

    And of course meet the Sapa cuisine 

    When talking about Sapa, everybody mentions many delicious dishes here which are so natural, such as: Thang Co, grilled pork and fish (which is totally from streams in Sapa). In the cold weather, there has nothing more wonderful than a pot of fish soup eaten with fresh vegetable.

    Everybody coming to Sapa must try some kinds of alcohol named San Lung and Tao Meo at least one time. Those are very famous for good smell and even for the way people drink them that only can be seen in Sapa. Here is apparently an interesting destination forever. It will never have enough time to talk about this fantastic place.
    Start your journey and explore everything you want in Sapa !

    More about Sapa:

    Sapa is an upland area in Lao Cai with the square of 678.6 km2 , about 376 km from Ha Noi. There are 6 ethnic minorities living together, those are : H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, Kinh and Hoa.

     That is a beautiful town 1500 – 1800 m higher than the sea level with moderate climate and the average temperature is about 15ºC – 18ºC. In the summer, It’s 13ºC – 15ºC (night) và 20ºC – 25ºC (day). It is cold and foggy and sometimes snowy in the winter. The nature landscape is created by both Creator and people’s ideas. High mountains, green forests and the daily life of the local people here are all in a wonderful picture named Sapa which always made memorable impressions on visitors.

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