• Phong Nha Cave – Vietnam

    Hiding in the limestone covered by tropical forests, Phong Nha Cave has now become ​​famous by the generosity that the Creator has endowed this land a wonderful cave with a magnificent underground river which is identified as the longest river in the world.

    Phong Nha Cave is located in Ke Bang limestone, It is 50 km from Dong Hoi Town towards the northwest . This land was destroyed by the wars many times before, but Phong Nha is still there and intact as millions of years ago.

    The tranquil village is interspersed between the bamboo groves. Red brown roofs flicker on the right bank of the Son River. The village women standing on the bank river call out to the boat and they greet each other in the language of many regions. Tourists begin their exploration as soon as the boat docking

    Phong Nha has many branches with a length up to about 20 km, but now people have discovered a new branch which is part of the longest underground river known as the Nam Aki River. Phong Nha is very attractive with numerous interesting images appearing in front of the entrance to the cave. Tourists can imagine as they are in a place of millions of years ago.

    The entrance is about 20 meters wide, 10 meters high, with heaving stalactities. Sailing through the entrance, the cave looks like a bowl on the water. River water is clear and smooth as a mirror surface, and when tourists go deep inside of the cave, light will fade out and then disappear. The main part of the Phong Nha has 14 chambers connected by a long corridor with the length up to 1500m. From the 14th chamber, tourists can also continue going inside but this is a bit more dangerous because the process of chemical weathering of limestone is still happening. Keep sailing about 800m , tourists will get a dry cave which has only sand instead of water. The stalactities with many strange shapes here are really awesome.

    Phong Nha is not like other tourist destinations in Vietnam, located in the pristine forests Ke Bang, everything here seems so pristine and pure. In the eyes of the international tourists, the local people have a very personal style „They behave friendly and they look at the visitors as friends not as an opportunity to seek financial resources”.

    This article was written by Chung Le, Ho Chi Minh City.

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